Welcome to the Cornell International Travel Registry & ITART Petition

CURRENT TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Cornell has adopted a less restrictive stance on allowable travel that emphasizes a travelers’ personal responsibility for understanding complex border restrictions and entry requirements. Approvals will continue to be needed for university-related travel in accordance with the policy described here and until further notice. Participants in official and approved study abroad programs are exempt from the ITART petition process while engaging in that experience. Registration in the registry is required of all travelers.

Cornell provides a secure registry system for students, faculty, and staff to record Cornell-related travel plans and contact information. All travelers must register Cornell travel. Personal or domestic travel should not be registered here. Should there be an emergency or developing situation that could impact you or your travel plans, your registration helps Cornell’s International Travel Health and Safety team locate and contact you in order to provide resources you may need. This system also incorporates the International Travel Advisory and Response Team (ITART) petition to travel to elevated-risk destinations.

Easier Than Ever

  1. Four to eight weeks before travel, Log-in to the website and then select “Add Trip” from the menu.

  2. Simply fill in the trip information and emergency contacts.

    If traveling to an elevated-risk destination and required to do so (see the current policy), you must complete the ITART petition. The petition consists of additional questions that are presented under the ITART section of the registry form. 

  3. Submit and travel with added peace of mind. You’ll receive a confirmation email should you need to show proof of registration.

    If a registration includes a required ITART petition, ITART will review approximately four weeks before travel. Once approved, you may consider yourself registered.

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